The 5 Best Nusa Dua Beach Resorts

Nusa Dua Resorts

So out of all the Bali regions you decided on Nusa Dua, not a bad call if I do say so myself. Choosing the area is only half of the job, the resort you stay at could make or break your vacation, but that’s why I’m here for. So give yourself a pat on the back because you’re in the right place!

Here are the 5 best Nusa Dua beach resorts:

1. The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali

The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

This gigantic resort spread over 5000 square meters relaunched in 2006 as The Laguna, a Luxury Collection. Featuring 276 rooms and suites and 11 villas this beautiful slice of paradise is filled with crystal clear lagoons and pools that immerse you into the 5-star resort experience.

Lagoons are a common thing in many resorts but the Laguna decided to step it up a notch, all 7 lagoons spread throughout the resort are swimmable. Get lost walking through the lush gardens and don’t be surprised if you have the feeling that there’s no one else around, due to the vastness of the resort it feels like everyone has their own piece of heaven.

If you want the ultimate privacy you should opt for one of the Villas that comes with its own private pool and terrace.

If you want that quick lagoon access then clearly the Lagoon Room is more suited for you and a lot of people swear by them.

The on-location spa called Lagoon Spa is open from 8AM to 12AM and requires an appointment, but imagine going to the spa at 11PM after a hard day of sitting on the beach and sipping cocktails. Does life get better?

Hotel Dining:

  • Arwana ($$$$) – Seafood Cuisine with ocean view
  • Banyubiru ($$$$) – International Cuisine with lagoon view
  • Kul Kul Bar ($$-$$$) – Light Fare Cuisine
  • Cornerstone Deli ($$-$$$) – International Cuisine

Outside Hotel Dining:

  • Sateria Beachside Restaurant ($$-$$$) – International Cuisine – (13 min walk or 4 min drive)
  • Prego ($$-$$$) – Italian Cuisine – (5 min walk or 2 min drive)
  • Ikan Restaurant & Bar ($$-$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine – (16 min walk or 6 min drive)
  • Piasan Restaurant ($$$$) – Italian Cuisine – (12 min walk or 4 min drive)

Places of interest:

  • Museum Pasifika – 2 min drive or 5 min walk
  • Bali International Convention Centre – 15 min walk or 3 min drive
  • Waterbom Waterpark – 24 min drive
  • Kuta – 20 min drive
  • Ubud – about 1 hour drive
The St. Regis Bali Resort

Featuring 123 beautifully designed villas and suites The St Regis is the perfect relaxation spot. It prides itself with being the only resort in Nusa Dua that has villas with private beach access. You know all those Instagram posts with stunning Nusa Dua beaches? 90% of those are the St Regis private beach, so if you want to up your Instagram game, this is the place to be. 

Although some beaches in Nusa Dua get a little noisy sometimes, the St Regis doesn’t suffer from this problem. There are no motorized watersports taking place so if peace of mind and quiet are your priorities you can’t go wrong with this resort.

When walking around the grounds you will notice that the landscaping is absolutely impeccable. The fresh and salt water pools are surrounded by a variety of vegetation that gives you the impression that you are alone on the grounds in your own personal paradise.

When it comes to service many people consider The St Regis Bali to have some of the best staff you will ever find in a resort. They treat you like royalty and will always greet you and help you in a friendly and professional matter. Everything is handled so well at the resort and you will wonder how is it possible because you don’t see staff while walking around but they will always be at your service when you need them. I think there’s some sorcery involved there, don’t quote me.

Hotel Dining:

  • Kayuputi Restaurant ($$$$) – Asian Cuisine

  • Boneka Restaurant ($$$$) – All day fine dining

  • Gourmand Deli ($$-$$$) – European, Deli

  • Dulang Restaurant ($$-$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine

  • King Cole Bar ($$-$$$) – Cocktails

  • Vista Bar

Outside Hotel Dining: 

  • Bubu Seafood and Chinese Restaurant ($$) (4 min walk) 
  • Montin’s Ribs ($) (6 min walk)
  • TAPA Bistro ($$) (7 min walk)

Places of interest:

  • Bali National Golf Club (6 min walk)
  • Waterblow (13 min car ride)
  • Bali Collection (10 min car ride)
  • Museum Pasifika (10 min car ride)

Our top tips:

  • The Gardenia Villa has walls surrounding it, so it’s the best option if you want the most privacy.
  • The Lagoon Villa has a bit less privacy but it has direct access to the swimmable lagoon right from the garden so you will have a beautiful lagoon view.
  • If you want direct access to the beautiful white sandy beach then you need to get The Strand Villa.
The Grand Hyatt Bali

The Grand Hyatt Bali will have you hooked from the moment you are in front of it! With its gorgeous koi ponds overlooking the gardens, the biggest and most beautiful beach in Nusa Dua and no less than 5 restaurants and 3 bars on site.

The 636 rooms that the resort has might make you think that there will be too many people walking around and it will mess with the magic of the place. However, the resort is so huge that it’s split into four villages so don’t worry about it being crowded.

There are 13 types of rooms available from Villas to Presidential Suits each catering to specific desires. As always if you’re top priority is privacy go for the villas or if you want fast access to the beach go for rooms in the South Village.

Hotel Dining:

  • Salsa Verde ($$-$$$) – Italian Cuisine
  • Pasar Senggol ($$-$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine
  • Watercourt Restaurant ($$-$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine
  • Nampu ($$$$) – Japanese Cuisine
  • Veranda Lounge & Bar ($$-$$$) – Ocean Views
  • Salsa Bar ($$-$$$) – Cocktails

Outside of hotel dining:

  • Verdant Organic Kitchen ($$-$$$) – Cafe, Asian, Indonesian – (10 min walk or 3 min drive)
  • Ja’Jan Bistro ($$-$$$) – European Cuisine – (8 min walk or 3 min drive)
  • Pica Tapas Bar & Churrasqueria Restaurant ($$) – French/European Cuisine – (4 min walk)
  • The Royal Kitchen ($$-$$$) – Indian/Indonesian Cuisine – (9 min walk or 2 min drive)
  • Starbucks (I don’t judge) – ($$) – (15 min walk or 4 min drive)

Places of interest:

  • Bali National Golf Club (16 min walk or 7 min drive) 
  • Waterblow (16 min walk or 5 min drive)
  • Bali Collection (9 min walk or 2 min drive) 
  • Museum Pasifika (16 min walk or 4  min drive)
Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa

Unlike the previously mentioned resorts, Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa is more adult oriented as no children below 12 years old are allowed.

That might be a deal breaker for some, but if you’re a couple planning a honeymoon or just a getaway from the usual hustle and bustle lifestyle than Kayumanis is the perfect resort for you.

Although most of the resorts in Nusa Dua are huge with hundreds of rooms, at Kayumanis you will only have 20 villas but each with its own private pool and unique style.

Being a bit on the smaller side also has big benefits, the service is even more personal and more attentive, catering to 100 peoples needs is a bit easier than 1000 and also you have all the privacy in the world.

Although the location is not exactly beachfront I just couldn’t leave them out of this list because I know every couple that will go to Kayumanis because of this article will be 100% in love with it. They do however have a private beach that is about 5 minutes away by foot with all of the amenities being free, even water.

Hotel Dining: 

  • Piasan Restaurant ($$$$) – Italian Cuisine
  • Tetaring Restaurant ($$-$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine

Outside of hotel dining:

  • Raja’s Balinese Restaurant ($$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine – (6 min walk or 2 min drive)
  • Tamarind Mediterranean Brasserie ($$-$$$) – International Cuisine – (7 min walk or 3 min drive)
  • Raja Bali Restaurant Nusadua ($$-$$$) – Asian Cuisine – (8 min walk or 2 min drive)
  • Mr. Bob Bar and Grill Nusa Dua ($$-$$$) – Italian/American/Asian Cuisine – (9 min walk or 2 min drive)

Places of interest:

  • Bali National Golf Club (5 min drive) 
  • Waterblow (30 min walk or 6 min drive)
  • Bali Collection Mall (23 min walk or 6 min drive) 
  • Museum Pasifika (18 min walk or 4 min drive) 
  • Waterbom Bali (24 min drive)
INAYA Putri Bali Resort

The INAYA Putri Bali Resort is a beachfront paradise that enhances the Island of the Gods experience. The resort has been refurbished to mimic the style of a Balinese village with gorgeous architecture which sets it apart from the usual big resort style.

It features 457 guestrooms out of which 19 are carefully designed villas that make privacy a big priority. The villa comes with its own tropical garden and pool making it a perfect choice for a romantic trip. Also having personalized butler services that make sure you have a flawless vacation is quite a treat.

Even if you don’t stay in a Villa, the three-level public infinity pool is more than enough to satisfy anyone. If you find the time/need to get out of the pool and go to the beach than you’re in luck because the INAYA’s private beach is pristine and finding a free lounge chair won’t be a problem.

Watersports are available on the beach but you might find the people in charge of the watersports rides a bit pushy when trying to make you buy something but remember, you’re on vacation, you’re relaxed, if you’re not interested, a simple “no” will keep them away for at least 2 minutes. (I’m joking!)

Hotel Dining:

  • Ja’Jan Bistro ($$-$$$) – European Cuisine
  • Gading Restaurant ($$-$$$) – International Cuisine
  • Homaya Restaurant ($$-$$$) – Indonesian Cuisine

Outside of hotel dining: 

  • Ayodya Beach Club & Grill ($$-$$$) –  American Cuisine – (2 min walk)
  • Aroma Fusion ($$-$$$) – Asian/Indonesian Cuisine – (8 min walk or 2 min drive)
  • Genji Restaurant ($$-$$$) – Japanese Cuisine – (1 min walk)

Places of interest:

  • Bali National Golf Club (16 min walk or 7 min drive)
  • Waterblow (16 min walk or 5 min drive)
  • Bali Collection (9 min walk or 2 min drive)
  • Museum Pasifika (16 min walk or 4  min drive)